Symbols and Charges

Each member will have a symbol which indicate the office held and the role in the project :

•Founder Member (Gold)

•Active member (Silver)

•Ordinary member (Copper)

.Student (Basic Colors)

Difference between Active Member* and Ordinary Member

Active Member

The Active Member is a Dentist or a Future Dentist (Active Dental Student) with a excellent knowledge of English (Spoken and Written), good skills in communication, open minded and reliable person.

The Active Members will be the only ones enabled to draft articles on the site, and administrate some parts of the social media.

Ordinary Member

The Ordinary Member is the Dentist or the Future Dentist motivated by the desire for training and professional improvement, that decide to freely enroll in Universal Dentists to take advantage of cultural activities and broaden his cultural and human knowledge.

Ordinary Members can submit their own cases to let them be published on the official instagram page, and other Universal Dentists social media platforms.

All new members will be admitted as Ordinary Members*