We want to give you only the best quality of video streaming and formation, we wish you to have the most clear vision of the streaming session, this is the reason way video streaming will be available (at the beginning) only for a few number of Colleagues and Dental Students.

On this page and on all the other social media platforms you will be informed when the live streaming will begun and how many seats are left to partecipate.


If the time zone is taking over you ( we are worldwide ! ) don’t worry about it ! In few hours the live streaming video will be uploaded on our website ready to be watched! So you can choose to go back to sleep…or stay awake! 


How to join the video streaming?

Our streaming is transmitted using Periscope*

What is Periscope? 

Periscope is a “live video streaming platform”,designed as a mobile app.This it means that the only thing you need to join the live streaming is a good connection and your mobile phone!  Nothing more! just a simple tap on the app-icon and here we go!

First Step : 

How to Join ? 

First thing you need to do is to subscribe to periscope service by clicking this link  you’ll be asked to create a twitter account, if your twitter account  already exist, you will just need login into Periscope

Second Step : 

Follow the Universal Dentists Official Account  @univdentists, each time a video streaming will be taken you will receive a notification on your phone, but remember to join the video streaming you need to book your place!

But way i have to book a place for the streaming if i can watch it later on Universal Dentists?

The reason is simple ! during the video streaming you will be free of asking questions to the colleague that is performing the procedure in REAL TIME !!

This is another reason way we prefer to give access to a few number of Colleagues and Students we want you to get the best you can from the live session, we truly believe that ”Less is More”



We care about all the type of audience visiting Universal Dentists and this platform, this is the reason why *All surgery videos will be accessible only using your personal password! keep it private!

After booking your place, you will be receiving a confirmation mail, and a direct call to join the streaming, remember to be online on periscope at least 10 minutes before the streaming session will begun.