Piotr Pieter


My name is Peter and I am a student of dentistry from Poland.

Having finished the second year of stomatology I totally fell in love with this wonderful branch of medicine.
What fascinates me the most is the way one can change not only teeth themselves but also smile, articulation and the whole self-esteem of the patient.
As far as I am concerned Hollywood smile and beautiful shining teeth are not a dream one cannot achieve anymore.The progress that stomatology offers, may astound everyone. Except for studying, I love learning languages.

It has always been my passion since I am fully convinced that they give real freedom and the ease of understanding and being understood. It is essential nowadays.
I have a command of written and spoken English, French, and German. My knowledge of Russian and Italian is also quite good. Recently I have begun my adventure with Spanish and Norwegian. It gives me a lot of pleasure.
In my free time, I love playing the piano, that I have been practicing for nine years. My hobby is swimming, cooking and baking (eating of course as well 😀 ).
What distinguishes me from my friends is my never-ending fascination with Harry Potter :D.