My  name is Boris. I´m 21 years old, I live in small village in the north of Slovakia.

I study 4th year of dentistry and I am very happy to have this opportunity.

Before, I have never even thought about dentistry.  Actually, to be honest, I hated dentists, I was scared of them my whole childhood. My idol – my older sister studied medicine , so when I was in last year of my high school, I decided to study medicine myself. I applied for dentistry as well. It was a little miracle for me to get there as they would accept only 10 people. I was one of them. Since then, step by step, I´ve been exploring beauties of dentistry. I´m only a student yet, but I think there is no better job for me! And my vision for the future?

First of all, I want to graduate. Then I´d like to set an outpatient clinic nearby my village or I´d like to become maxillofacial surgeon as I´m very interested in this part of dentistry. It may sound cliché, but I don´t really care about becoming rich, I´d much rather have a lot of satisfied patients with beautiful smiles! And as I get more experienced, my dream is to travel to Third world countries and help those who truly need it.

I hope I will become perfectly proficient in my job one day.


comments are welcome!

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