How to become an Active Memeber

Who are Active Members?

Active members are Doctors who work in a honest honorable way, free from any kind of prejudices, passionate of their work.

What it means to be an active member?

An active member is a fondamental part of Universal Dentists, this means that his professional behavior must be respectful Hippocratic Oath and the laws of his own country.

In case of any violation of the Hippocratic Oath,Breaking Laws of his own country, or disgraceful Professional Behavior, Misconduct, or Harmful for the website, will cost the immediate revocation of the active member office .

How to become an active Member? 

Becoming an Active Member has Burdens and Honors, all the ordinary members are free of submitting their candidacy as active member.

We will admit no more than 10 (Doctor) Active Members a Year, and no more than 10 (Students) Active Members a Year.

  • An Active Member must guarantee  a minimum number (of Five) annual publications.

One article each two months; of this Five Articles, Two Articles must be in a Scientific form (Pub-Med Form)


1)  Send a formal request to our email.

2)  After your formal request will accepted, you will be contacted for a Skype Interview.

3)  You will be producing  One Scientific to Articles that will be carefully evaluated by a selected team of Active Members.

4) If our scientific article will be voted positively, you will be admitted as active Member.