Odontologist Graduated from the National Experimental University Rómulo Gallegos,San Juan de los morros, Guárico Venezuela in 2015.
Diploma in Orthodontics in the Professional Institute of Academic Training 120 Academic hours 9 Credit units (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
Course of initiation Theoretical practice in DSD Dr. Jhoan Figueira 16 Academic Hours (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
Intensive Course in Dental Pharmacology 8 Academic hours (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
Full Aesthetic Dental Congress II (IPFA Venezuela) 2015.
Day of Legal and Forensic Dentistry (IPFA Venezuela) 2015.
Congress Full Aesthetic Dental III (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
Advanced Course in Endodontics (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
42 National Congress of Dentistry Valencia Venezuela October 2015.
Course of dental aesthetics (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
II Conference on Dental Aesthetics 16 Academic Hours (IPFA Venezuela) 2016.
Founder and Manager of The Dental Clinic Saving Smiles C.A Venezuela 2017.
Moderator In cycle of dental conferences of recognized institution of dental academic education Venezuela From 2015 To the Present.


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