My name is Adrián Salazar Garelli, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Venezuela.

I’m part of the new dentistry generation.
Which college?

  • National Experimental University ”Rómulo Gallegos” , at San Juan de los Morros city, Guarico state, Venezuela.

How was your college experience?

  • I felt pressured a lot of times, but I always trusted in my capabilities. I learned lots of life lessons, grew up as a human being and gained many skills. I am very grateful for the friendships formed in all that process and for the learning provided by exemplary teachers. It was a great experience, which made me felt proud of being part of the dental guild.

Who inspired you?

  • My parents have always taught me to struggle, be constant, free and to do what I like.
  • I found inspiration in colleagues. From college, I remember Dr. Luis Ascanio, Tammy and Herna Cuevas, each one of them were demanding but always motivating me to keep learning and to do things right. Gabriela Luces, specialist in periodontics, helped me discover what makes me passionate for this specialty. I also remember Dr. Romelia Rueda, Carolina Fonseca, Anabell Bologna, Dr. Alberto Miselli, Victor Sanchez, Hugo Madeira, Maarten Vander Berg, Eduardo de Aguiar; all great professionals dedicates to their work, which inspire human qualities and wisdom.

What are you passionate about?

  • Interacting with patients, knowing that behind each one of them there’s a history and generate through my profession a change in their physical and emotional being.
    Vocation or interests?
  • My interest in Periodontology increased gradually since my fourth year in college, my purpose is being able of providing the best care and treatment to each of my patients and at the same time have a link with them that allows me to guide and educate them to achieve a proper oral health.

Working attending a person is usually hard and tired: Is it for you?

  • If there’s love in what you do then there’s no reason to feel tired or bored, also you can be tired for a while but satisfied for doing what you like right for your whole life.

What philosophy about your life you share with others?

  • Never forget that achieving everything you want, requires time and patience.