External resorption,case by Dr. Fabrizio Antenucci

” Something rare to be seen” 

 This is what it has flashed in our mind  few days ago at Dr. Fabrizio Antenucci’s office,  reason way we decided document the case to shoot some pictures,and here we are,talking about External Resorption, in this specific case…

– bilateral resorption,affecting 4 elements in a single (unlucky) patient –

But what does the scientific bibliography says about Internal and *External Resorption?

Resorption is both cases if it is *external or *Internal is a physiological and pathological process which results in loss of hard tissues of the tooth , cement and dentine and the surrounding bone are tricked by this degenerating process.

As you will see in the following case pictures, the patient tooth seems health and in a good general state, before going on reading, take your time and think about it…and try to answer!

what it can cause a tooth degeneration without any visible damage? (1)



Patient under bisphosphonates treatment : Risks,Approach and Guidelines






The somministration of bisphosphonate drugs,in the last years is becoming every day more common.

This therapy has numerous benefits in case of osteoporosis and carcinomas metastasizing bones, but it exposes patients to a series of important side effects that concern our profession.

To our knowledge, numerous studies widely reported osteonecrosis by bisphosphonates (ONJ)*, It is well known as surgical procedures such as surgical extractions or fracture reduction, dramatically increase the development of osteonecrosis in patients under bisphosphonate treatment.

Part 2 : Digital Dentistry – applications you can’t miss for your electronic devices.

In this second article i’m going to present you some interesting application for (Android) devices.

I’m using them in my everyday professional life, and actually i have found them  pretty useful !!

Part 1 : Digital Dentistry – applications you can’t miss for your electronic devices.

Nowadays the technology is part, and has taken part of our life, and if you wish to live this century you have to deal with it.

The digitalization of Dentistry is the next future, Computer Science is evolving, Research is developing new materials. In few words no one is save from the digital revolution. 😉 

In this short article ( The first one of 3 ) i would like to recommend some applications for your

The correct interpretation of a Ortho Panoramic

The correct interpretation of a Ortho Panoramic is where it all begins, it’s the first kind of exam that each colleague should ask to a patient before starting any kind of treatment, and although if it is considered a radiographic examination of general view, it helps the clinician to make a initial diagnosis beside the anamnestic visit.

A first good step is the key to success!

One more reason to read carefully each information that this kind of radiological exam can provide us.

This article in pretending to be an helpful giude to the analysis of a  Ortho Panoramic.

So before keeping reading the article; try to focus on the ortho panoramic.
Try to give a name to the anatomical structures you see.
Take a piece of paper, and write them down. 


You did it?

Ok…now you can ”turn the page ” and read more !