Remember to smile : Tips for health gums!

The mouth plays a fundamental role in our general health and well being.

Therefore, keeping your mouth healthy is very important. A healthy smile is part of the personal presentation that expresses a lot of ourselves to others.
A healthy mouth is the reflection of a healthy body and a well integrated person in society.


Periodontal plastic surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery


The term initially proposed by miller in 1993 and broadened to include the following areas:

Chronic Periodontitis and Diabetes – A real challenge for dentists.

Chronic Periodontitis and Diabetes – A real challenge for dentists.schermata-2016-11-20-alle-17-31-18

Diabetes mellitus is actually a group of disorders characterized by the insufficient supply of insulin because of either a lack of production by the pancreas, a deficit of insulin receptors or an error in insulin metabolism (insulin resistance). The result of diabetes is hyperglycemia, a condition of abnormally increased blood glucose.

It is estimated that between 8 and 10% of