Gummy Smile Treatment by Dr. Daniele Bordonali

If the patient during smile exhibits a portion of the gum greater or equal to three millimeters, there is an indication for the surgical treatment of gummy smile.

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Delayed post extractive implant on tooth 24. Second stage surgery 6 months later.


Extraction tooth 23 sticky bone and Prf.

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  • Initial pre-op

lacube (5).JPG

  • pre-operative


  • extraction 23


  • after extraction


  • sticky bone


  • sticky bone into place


  • prf into place



  • stitches

apres 1anDSC_0039.JPG

  • tissue healing – after one year

apres 1anDSC_0047.JPG

After one year,you can see that the healing is perfect,no bone loss, and an happy patient!


Cyst removal-Implant placement-b-TCP graft.


We would like to welcome you all in this new interesting (Full Protocol Case ) by our active member Dr. Laurent Bluche, hope you will enjoy!!

DSC_0001 11 aaa.jpg

Post extraction Implants and ” Sticky bone ”

This is my first full protocol case published on Universal Dentists, hope you will enjoy, if you have any questions, please write me down the article. Hope you will enjoy !!

The use of PRF in Periodontitis

♦ What is periodontitis ?

Periodontitis is the irreversible loss of attachment to the connective tissue supporting the alveolar bone. It is an inflammatory desease characterized by the distruction of alveolar bone, root cement, periodontal ligament as a response to elicited by microbial accumulance on tooth surface. (1)

♦ Periodontal desease

Periodontitis is the main cause of tooth losing .The aim of periodontal therapy , is to eliminate the inflammatory process, to stop the progression of periodontal desease and to regenerate the lost periodontal tissues. (2)                                                                                                                                    Earlier attemps to archive regeneration , included denator of the interdental bone to treat intrabony defect and the use of autografts to fill the surgical site. Good results have been taken in treatment of periodontitis using a combination of graft material and collagen membrane (3).

But recently , the focus is in the use of ‘growth factors’.The periodontal wound healing , needs the colaburation of epithelial cells , gingival fibroblasts , periodontal ligament cells and osteoblasts.                                                             There is evidence that the presence of growth factors , cytokinins in platelets , play an important role in the wound healing.Platelets also secrete fibrin , fibronectin and vitronectin which are a matrix for the connective tissue .These leads to the use of platelets in periodontal desease (4)

♦ Role of platelets in periodontal wound healing

Platelets play a key role in wound healing and hence wound healing after periodontal treatment can be accelerated by the use of platelet concentrates.The wound healing process

Patient under bisphosphonates treatment : Risks,Approach and Guidelines






The somministration of bisphosphonate drugs,in the last years is becoming every day more common.

This therapy has numerous benefits in case of osteoporosis and carcinomas metastasizing bones, but it exposes patients to a series of important side effects that concern our profession.

To our knowledge, numerous studies widely reported osteonecrosis by bisphosphonates (ONJ)*, It is well known as surgical procedures such as surgical extractions or fracture reduction, dramatically increase the development of osteonecrosis in patients under bisphosphonate treatment.

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry has been gaining popularity over the last 15 years.  Doing dentistry the traditional way of mechanical retention is being replaced by doing  advanced adhesion techniques.  There have been great advances in the research and understanding, adhesive materials, and especially techniques.  The techniques combine new materials and newly understood information.  Collectively the science, principles and techniques of advanced adhesive dentistry is known as Biomimetic Dentistry.  Interpreting it literally, biomimetic dentistry, means to “mimic nature”.

The benefits of biomimetic dentistry are huge! The need for extension and mechanical retention is virtually eliminated.  

Remember to smile : Tips for health gums!

The mouth plays a fundamental role in our general health and well being.

Therefore, keeping your mouth healthy is very important. A healthy smile is part of the personal presentation that expresses a lot of ourselves to others.
A healthy mouth is the reflection of a healthy body and a well integrated person in society.

Part 2 : Digital Dentistry – applications you can’t miss for your electronic devices.

In this second article i’m going to present you some interesting application for (Android) devices.

I’m using them in my everyday professional life, and actually i have found them  pretty useful !!