We would like to welcome you all in this new interesting (Full Protocol Case ) by our active member Dr. Laurent Bluche, hope you will enjoy!!

DSC_0001 11 aaa.jpg

Initial picture before previous bridge cutting.



Bridge cutting

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Extraction of teeth 42 and 31.

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Cyst remouval on 42




Drilling and placement of implant :

Implant placement GMI frontier internal connection . GMI Ilerimplant spain . Diameter 3,3mm.


  • Graft b-tcp

Iceberg b-tcp (Ilerimplant spain) placed in large amount to fill all the voids.


Collagen Membrane placement and vestibuloplasty .



gaxieux deuxieme phaseDSC_0034.JPG

Healing after 4 months

Second stage surgery after 4 months

Gaxieu Guy 0 20171005 14-28-14.jpg

X-ray after 1 year of function:

Courtesy Dr. Olivier Sanmarty. Fixed Partial Denture 31-X-42 after 1 year of function.

We can see the amount of the graft and the stability over time.

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