Nowadays the technology is part, and has taken part of our life, and if you wish to live this century you have to deal with it.

The digitalization of Dentistry is the next future, Computer Science is evolving, Research is developing new materials. In few words no one is save from the digital revolution. 😉 

In this short article ( The first one of 3 ) i would like to recommend some applications for your portable devices (Android) (Iphone) ,and Mac that are considered useful to me.

I’m always looking for useful programs that can facilitate or improve our profession, I hope you will appreciate it.

  • I declare about not having any kind of returning from this presentation article, that all the information provided are part of personal experience , this to provide you the most honest and freely opinion about.

(Mac) Free DICOM Medical Image Viewer | Horos


Horos is a free, open source medical image viewer.  The goal of the Horos Project is to develop a fully functional, 64-bit medical image viewer for OS X.  Horos is based upon OsiriX and other open source medical imaging libraries.  Horos is made available under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (LGPL-3.0).

Personal evaluation : 

First of all this application is totally free, it provides the user full access to all the (Pro-Users Features of Osirix) for Free! it has a well organized internal library, no annoying messages like (not for medical use) fresh updates each month, and the Gnu heart ! something that you must try!

The only cons : It’s only for mac users! I’m still looking for something similar on Windows ,i will update you about it!



Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

About the Author Dr. Mattia Di Girolamo

Dr.Mattia Di Girolamo (DDS) Founder and Admin of Universal Dentists Founder and Admin of Share The Dental Congress

comments are welcome!

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