The correct interpretation of a Ortho Panoramic is where it all begins, it’s the first kind of exam that each colleague should ask to a patient before starting any kind of treatment, and although if it is considered a radiographic examination of general view, it helps the clinician to make a initial diagnosis beside the anamnestic visit.

A first good step is the key to success!

One more reason to read carefully each information that this kind of radiological exam can provide us.

This article in pretending to be an helpful giude to the analysis of a  Ortho Panoramic.

So before keeping reading the article; try to focus on the ortho panoramic.
Try to give a name to the anatomical structures you see.
Take a piece of paper, and write them down. 


You did it?

Ok…now you can ”turn the page ” and read more !

Case Presentation and some little information about the Anamnestic Visit

Patient Age : 25 y/o

Sex :

Health General State : A Generally Healthy Patient , presence of deep and destructive cavities, she is concerning about the color changing of the 4 premolar after an old endodontic treatment.

(The anatomical structures, and TMJ will be analyzed deeply in the future articles)

Now let’s look at this together…how many structures have you focused ? 

  1. Coronoid Process
  2. Sigmoid Notch
  3. Mandibular Condyle
  4. Condylar Neck
  5. Mandibular Ramous
  6. Angle of Mandible
  7. Inferior Border of Mandible
  8. Lingula
  9. Mandibular Cabal
  10. Mental Nerve
  11. Hard Palate
  12. Inferior Border of Maxillary Sinus
  13. Nasal Septum
  14. Nasal Spine
  15. Zygomatic Arch
  16. Glenoid Cavity
  17. Symphysis


Tips and Tricks by Dr.Mattia Di Girolamo

To stay focused on a orthopanoramic wile examining it and gain as much detail and information as it possible is recommended to look away several times

This helps your eyes to rest !! Moreover the ”focusing changing” gives you the power to catch more particularity that otherwise could remain undetected !!

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

About the Author Dr. Mattia Di Girolamo

Dr.Mattia Di Girolamo (DDS) Founder and Admin of Universal Dentists Founder and Admin of Share The Dental Congress

comments are welcome!

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